Why are alarms added which I did not create myself?

This might be your default setting for alarms in iOS. Please check your iOS Settings: go to 'Mail, Contacts and Calendar' there you can set a default reminder. If that is set it will get added whenever you create a new alarm.

If you are using Google to sync your calendars, there also is a setting to configure a default alarm. Check and adapt your configuration at www.google.com

My events disappeared, what can I do?

Please check if they lie further in the past than iOS syncs. In iOS Settings go to Mail, Contacts and Calendar. There you can configure how far in the past events get synchronized.

Please make sure that there is no active search or filter. To disable search delete all text in the search input field and tap somewhere outside the input field and keyboard.

Please make sure that you allowed the application to access your calendar. On your iPhone go to Settings - Privacy - Calendar to enable access for Appoint.

I do not get links to contacts? I do not get suggestions for contacts?

Please make sure you granted access to your addressbook for Appoint. On your iPhone go to Settings - Privacy - Contacts to enable access for Appoint.

How can I tell if there are conflicting events in the month view?

If the mini events are all aligned, there is no conflict. As soon as event times overlap, the mini events are displayed on multiple lines.

What is the meaning of the spots in the month view?

Your events proportionally scaled down to 24h, where left is beginning of the day.

Why there is no conflict shown even if there is already another event at the time of the event in question?

Some events or calendars may have the availability 'free' as opposed to 'busy'. Only events marked busy cause conflicts. At the moment it is not possible to change that property. Coming soon.

How come another type of interface shows up when I try to add attendees?

Right now it is only possible to use the native iOS interface to add attendees.

I don't get any contact information, why?

Please make sure that you granted access your contact information for Appoint. On your iPhone go to Settings - Privacy - Contacts to enable access for Appoint.

Of course it is up to you if you want to enable that functionality or not.

Maps don‘t work, why?

Sorry, iOS 6.1 or higher is required.

How is my privacy protected?

Appoint does not send any of your data (calendar, contacts or any inputs you make - for suggestions for example) to any service on the internet. It solely relies on iOS functionality to synchronize calendar data to services you configured, e.g. iCloud or Google services.